OPENING HOURS: Thu/Fri/Sat 21:00-06:00

... the finest Club on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg!


The candidate should purchase at least 1 pair of dance shoes for table dance and at least 2 outfits for staying in the hall

The candidate receives 2-3 hours of dance lessons per week under the guidance of an experienced dancer.

The candidate can start working immediately. Her duties will include the following

  • She acts as a waitress and gives the customer the first drink. This experience is important to practice communication with the guests and of course the sales techniques related to private dance etc.
  • The candidate is only allowed to dance on the stage in front of guests after her dancing skills have been tested
  • The candidate should appear regularly in the shower show to show herself to the guests and to overcome any stage fear
  • The candidate can start immediately selling lady drinks and private dance, because already the first lesson will be devoted to the technique of table dance and private dance
  • From the first day of work, the dancer receives a fixed wage of 50€ per night (in addition to the percentages of Private Dance and Dollar $)


We require the following details | documents for your application:
1. Age
2. Height and weight
3. Actual hair color
4. Knowledge of languages
5. 2 photos (1 x portrait, 1 x full length, without Photoshop retouching)
6. Your contact information: E-Mail, telephone

Applications should be entitled “training“ and sent by E-Mail to: or per WhatsApp: 0049 176 311 87 322