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Are you interested in training for pole dancing | TABLE DANCE | PRIVATE DANCE?
We offer professional training. You can earn extra money e.g., during training.

The lessons are held in the A La Charm Premium Show Club in Hamburg:
The training is in principle free if you enter into an agreement of at least 6 months with us (at least 5 days work per week). There are at least 20 lessons (a lesson lasts 60 minutes) which take place in our club. All appointments are made individually at the start of training. There is a test after the first 20 lessons, the management then decides if you pass or need further lessons.

You will learn not only striptease (erotic dancing) but also the basics of pole dancing and communication with our customers. This includes topless dancing on the stage as well as full strip in the private dancing. The last 30% of the training is practical during your work.

Please note: drugs use and sexual activity inside our club are strictly prohibited! Our club has video surveillance and is patrolled by our security team.

tn_AusbildungThe advantages of our training:

1. You will receive thorough training in striptease dancing with a higher level of customer entertainment.
2. We offer separate accommodation for the duration of the training to all trainees coming from outside Hamburg,.
3. As a result of training you will be able to earn well as a professional dancer in this field.

We require the following details | documents for your application:
1. Age
2. Height and weight
3. Actual hair color
4. Knowledge of languages
5. 2 photos (1 x portrait, 1 x full length, without Photoshop retouching)
6. Your contact information: E-Mail, telephone

Applications should be entitled “training“ and sent by E-Mail to: or per WhatsApp: 0049 176 311 87 322

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