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... the finest Club on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg!

Promoter and porter

You should be of good appearance, open, communicative and energetic. This vacancy is for evening and night work and is a good opportunity for students! Good earning potential.

1. Good command of German and English.
2. Experience in this field would be an advantage.


Job description: head porter / promoter



Experienced porter / promoter in St.Pauli, applicants should have at least 6 months prior experience in this capacity, a command of foreign languages would be an advantage, proficiency in English is however a must.


The duties:


The chief duty is targeted promotion work in Kiez. You will be speaking to passersby from our business locale to convince them of the qualities of our club.

Please send applications with a photo by Email to: or per WhatsApp: +49 176 31187322

Please write to us!


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