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Nurse Show

Here you are guaranteed to want to feel ill. This is first aid of a special nature. >>> More here
Nurses are fundamentally angels. They nurse and care for those in need, apply dressings and always have a kind word on their lips. Or, so it seems in our fantasies, capable and unattainable. But not our girls! Here you will experience the staff nurses directly and close up. Scantily clad in classical Red Cross uniforms, they realize for you what you have only dreamed of in a hospital bed.

The Nurse Show is classical striptease art which we have newly arranged and modernized. Our dancers listen to your heart beat through a stethoscope, massage the tense spots lovingly and offer you medical advice on recovery. But have no fear; it doesn’t stop at a consultation. Our ladies can do even more and especially one thing. They take off the tight outfits to allow them to examine the patient in comfort and it may happen that he too must take off a few garments. They’re bound to finally find a few tender spots. The entire examination is backed with hot rhythm and a light show that no hospital could offer.

This steamy seduction is a fixed feature in the A La Charm programme but extras can also be booked. And everyone has tender spots somewhere. “Now then, show me where it hurts. Madam Doctor will take care of it. “

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Before making a reservation, we would like to inform you that the price is created as follows:

10€ – entry (per person)
10€ – drink (per person)
60€ stage show with the involvement of the bachelor

Note: the stage show costs 50€ if you book in advance