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Police Show

img0370Not everyone looks forward to an encounter with the police – but our officers like everyone because their kind of loving visit is quite different from that of the unfriendly guardians of the law.

They are sympathetic but demanding, they tolerate no protests and are damned sexy to boot. Come and experience a stage show where you are thoroughly searched like a common thief and enjoy some feminine allure. The clink of handcuffs has never before sounded so pleasant.

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Police Single as Single Show 100,- EUR


P1– Police Show incl. 1 x 0,33 l beer from 35,- EUR per person(up 5 persons)

P2– Police Show + private dance incl. 1 x 0,33 l beer from 55,- EUR per person (up 5 persons)

P3– Police Show + 1 hour beer flat from 65,- EUR per person (up 5 persons)

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