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... the finest Club on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg!


You wish for a little seclusion with one of our dancers. If so, simply speak to us or one of our dancers and request a “private dance“. You can retire with the dancer to our “private room“. We can of course serve you with drinks there too.

As soon as you´re together there, you´ll experience an erotic dance with extra class that will linger long in your memory because you will experience not only the dance but also the erotic body of the dancer with her intimate “full strip“!

Try the Contact – Full Strip in private, touching is permitted!

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1 song* (ca. 8 minutes) – 80,- EUR
2 songs (ca. 12 minutes)-  120,- EUR
30 min 280,- EUR
60 min 480,- EUR*
max. 4 persons


Privatedance packets:

Pay once and enjoy the showprogram/private dance by drinking.

Private dance + 1 longdrink from 35,- EUR per person  (from 4 persons)

Private dance + 1 hour beer flatrate from 53,- EUR per person (from 4 persons)

Private dance + 1 hour beer flatrate or longdrink flatrate from 75,- EUR per person (from 4 persons)

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