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... the finest Club on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg!

GF_1930St. Pauli has a lucky star. The first recorded mention of the area, named the Hamburger Berg in folklore – was of a convent which became profane due to the presence of the existing Reeperbahn and was relocated near to Alstertal. The transition to a workers´ quarter and leisure venue was almost inevitable. Certain industries, foul smelling factories and were banned inside the city gates. However, these willful people projected a fascination that drew the Hamburgers after work irresistibly to the Millerntor on the Hamburger Berg to enjoy theater, culture and the infamous. The first climax came at the turn of 20th. Century. In the Sankt Pauli theater one world premiere after another was presented and in the Opera House famous composers made their debuts.

GF_1975Tourists, seamen and local people strolled along the Reeperbahn. In the bars, with their old maritime charm, worlds came together. Businessmen in suits laughed and drank with loafers and fortune hunters. The table telephones in the Cafe Keese were legendary; interested suitors dialed the number of the table to better observe their favorites and with a little luck, to make contact. Things were a little wilder in Lehmitz. There you could drink to your heart`s content and the term “drink till you drop” could not be more appropriate. The Große Freiheit gradually became the exhibition boulevard for high class eroticism.

The choice of name could not have been better. It dates back to a proviso from the 17th. Century, which granted the Altona residents commercial and religious freedom. The first live sex clubs such as the “Salambo” and the “Safari” were established here, businesses such as the Colibri, whose signs are still hanging as mementos today and the legendary Lady Lynn with its Asian dancers.

The street achieved worldwide fame above all through the Star Club, which existed from 1961 to 1969. The young Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, the Ramones, Fats Domino and other pioneers of Rock n Roll performed here and a memorial stone was placed here as a reminder of the wild times. Große Freiheit 36 is now the standard for this musical tradition. Top acts were there in the 90s, stars such as Björk, Deep Purple, Jamiroquai, Daft Punk, Marylin Manson, Smashing Pumpkins and the young Robbie Williams.
For a touch of the quaint, the Gretel &Alfons bar can be recommended; it was also the favorite local of the Fab Four.
The drag queen Olivia Jones and Große Freiheit are inseparable, she currently runs three shops in the street and established the first shop exclusively for male strippers so now women too can have some enjoyment.

However, the tastes of the visitors have also changed. There are very few peep and sex shows now and the number of brothels is falling. Erotic entertainment is now the in thing.

GF_3A La Charm high class club knows how to combine pole dancing with fun and has flourished in Hamburg`s most sinful mile in the heart of Sankt Pauli since 2011. The “Hotel Luxor“building, the oldest brothel in Hamburg, underwent extensive renovation and conversion to an oasis of enjoyment that entertains international visitors night after night. Great stage shows, fantastic outfits and a relaxed atmosphere make for unforgettable moments and every guest remembers our shower show cabin next to the bar.

Their glasses are also raised to our guarantee of quality. There are no hidden costs. All our prices are transparent und fair. This is our contribution to ensuring that the reputation of the Reeperbahn will once again improve. The old “rip off“ that some businesses have run over recent years will never be part of our policy. Hand on heart, for us every guest is the king.

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