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Cream Show

You can eat cream tart or have cream on your cake with coffee but here you can enjoy the unique Cream Shows! Come and try our kind of cream! We can offer you four different Cream Shows:

Cream Show on stage
You can book a hot and tasty stage show where our dancers will show you the special way to lick cream off each other‘s body!

Cream Show at the bar
Stage shows not enough for you? You can book a show right before your eyes at the bar! Our dancers clear the bar and present themselves as the treat.

Cream Show as dessert to our “Strip & Steak” highlight programm
Our dancers serve you “topless” in our exclusive VIP suite, where you can also enjoy a couple of glasses of wine or beer. For a really special, tasty dessert you can take part yourself in a unique Cream Show. Enjoy!

Cream Show as a dessert
Perhaps you’d rather skip the tender steak and go straight to the sweetest dish? Then book your dessert. Have you already tasted the cream from our dancers’ sexy bodies? No? Our dancers are waiting to be your dessert!

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Before making a reservation, we would like to inform you that the price is created as follows:

10€ – entry (per person)
10€ – drink (per person)
60€ stage show with the involvement of the bachelor

Note: the stage show costs 50€ if you book in advance